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Regulatory Information


GMP Facility

Halal Certified-01-min

Halal Certified


ISO 9001:2015


FSSAI Certified


Pharma, Biopharma, Food and Nutraceutical Ingredients

Star k-01-min

Kosher Certified


Compendia grade products – USP/BP/Ph.Eur/IP

Comes in Multiple Packaging Size

  • Standard Packaging – 1Kg/5Kg/25kg/50Kg
  • 1Kg and 5Kg: Primary Packing in Double LDPE Secondary Packing in HDPE Container
  • 25kg & 50Kg: Primary Pack of Double LDPE Secondary Packing in HM-HDPE Container
  • We Offer Customized Packaging
  • 3 Batch Samples Available for Validation

Product Technical Package

CTD Format

CTD format is provided as per ICH guidelines.

Comprehensive Documentations

List of Documents

Specification, Methods, MSDS, Aflotoxins, Allergens, BSE/TSE, GMO, Gluten, Latex, Melamine and Residual Solvents

Tests on Request

Multiple Tests

Elemental impurities, Microbiology tests, Molecular biology tests (DNAse, RNAse, mycoplasma), particle size analysis (sieve, particle size analyzer)

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