High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a separation technique using column chromatography to separate, identify and quantify the components in a mixture. High pressure in the HPLC ‘forces’ the mixture to flow through a column filled with adsorbent materials. When the mixture flows through the column, each component interacts differently with the adsorbent materials, which ultimately affect the flow rate. As a result, the analytes are separated and eluted in different retention time.

Here, LabMal supplies a wide variety of HPLC solvents and HPLC columns from Merck and Sigma-Aldrich. The HPLC solvents and HPLC columns are certified to be high quality, batch-to-batch consistency and suitable for the application in HPLC, UPLC or LC-MS. 

HPLC Solvents and HPLC Columns

We supply HPLC solvents from Merck and Sigma-Aldrich that are optimized for Preparative Chromatography, Analytical HPLC, Fast Chromatography and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS).

Prepsolv®, Merck

Prepsolv® solvents from Merck are designed to meet the requirements of preparative HPLC, including high purity, extremely low levels of evaporation residue (<1mg/ml) and low water contents. This is to ensure the optimal product for your HPLC columns and provide highly reproducible results.

LiChrosolv®, Merck

LiChrosolv® solvents are suitable to be used in analytical HPLC, fast chromatography and LC-MS application. This is because LiChrosolv® solvents are high degrees of UV transmittance, low particle counts, low acidity and alkalinity as well as low in evaporation residue levels. These features, not to mention the solvents are microfiltered at 0.2µm stainless steel filters, make LiChrosolv® an excellent HPLC solvent.

Besides, LiChrosolv® solvents are available in isocratic grade and gradient grade, which make it suitable for analytical HPLC. You can use this grade of solvent in Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) and Ultra-High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC). The common solvents are LiChrosolv® methanol and LiChrosolv® acetonitrile.

LiChrosolv® hypergrade, Merck

If you are searching a suitable solvent for fast chromatography and LC-MS detection, LiChrosolv® hypergrade solvents are best suited for you. LiChrosolv® hypergrade solvents are tested to meet the requirement of modern LC-MS ionization methods (ESI/APCI – positive and negative mode). Furthermore, their low level of ionic background and low ion suppression ensure the high reproducibility and high ionization efficiency.

HPLC Grade, Sigma-Aldrich

HPLC grade solvents from Sigma-Aldrich are designed for use with HPLC instrumentation, organic synthesis or other related applications. They have undergone various specification testing to ensure the suitability of the solvents for HPLC uses.

When it comes to HPLC, a suitable column is a must. Merck offers a wide range of column for use in different HPLC application. The range of columns includes LiChrosorb®, LiChrospher® and Superspher®, special sorbents (eg. Aluspher®) and several chiral phases, such as Purospher® and Purospher® STAR. These columns are manufactured in a strict condition in order to ensure the highest performance and efficient chromatography

LiChrosorb® – Your reliable HPLC Column for a Successful Start

LiChrosorb®, one of the most trustworthy HPLC packing materials in the market as it has been documented for more than 35 years. Over the years, Merck has completed the LiChrosorb® portfolio, including non-polar derivatives (RP-8, RP-18), medium polar derivatives (NH2, CN & DIOL), and polar derivatives (Si60 and SI100).  The porous of LiChrosorb® is manufactured within 5-10 μm range of irregular particles.

LiChrospher® – Spherical Silica Sorbent for Reproducibility Separation Results

LiChrospher® is manufactured with spherical silica sorbent (5-10 μm) that can be used in normal-phase analytical HPLC or modified for polar phases (LiChrospher® CN, LiChrospher® NH2).

As reproducibility is the most important criteria for column separation performance, selectivity and capacity, Merck ensure that the LiChrospher® is certified for reproducibility of HPLC separations results, not only from column to column of the same batch, but also from batch to batch.

Superspher® – High Efficiency and High Peak Capacity

Superspher® columns are designed for high efficiency and high peak capacity HPLC of complex mixtures. According to both theoretical calculation and practical experience form the expert, with a particle size of 4 μm, the spherical silica carriers provide optimum pressure to separation performance ratio. Besides, the number of theoretical plates is more than 100,000 N. The high number of N makes them the ideal choice for complex sample mixtures that require high peak capacity.

Superspher® column can be modified to polar or non-polar derivatives. Polar derivatives, for example, Superspher® Si 60 is used in normal phase chromatography, while for non-polar derivatives, Merck provides Supersphere® 60 RP-8, Superpher® 100 RP-18 and Superspher® 60 RP-select for use in reversed-phase HPLC. Furthermore, there is endcapped version available for Supersphere® 60 RP-8 and Superpher® 100 RP-18. These Supersphere® columns are suitable to separate neutral, acidic and basic compounds.

Aluspher® – Stable Reversed-Phase from pH 2-12

Aluspher® 100 RP-select B is ideal for the use of basic eluents, such as NaOH. Due to its stability in the pH 2-12, it suppresses the ionization of basic compounds and avoids peak tailing. It is an alkali-stable reversed-phase stationary phase designed for the separation of neutral, basic and acidic compounds when basic eluents are used.

Purospher® – Peak-Tailing-Free Separations and Peak Symmetry

Purospher® HPLC columns are the ideal choice for modern Reverse Phase HPLC as it has high purity, metal-free silica for excellent separations with a sharp peak. In addition to the metal-free silica, Purospher® HPLC columns are also optimized for surface coating and shielding process, as well as provide tailing-free separations of acidic, basic and chelating compounds.  Hence, this column is suitable for use in method development in Research and Development (R&D) and Quality Control (QC) laboratories.


  • Enhanced performance and excellent peak symmetry due to high
    purity silica gel
  • Outstanding batch-to-batch reproducibility for reliable analyses
  • Balanced chromatographic properties (Tanaka Hexagon)
  • Excellent separation efficiency for reliable results
  • Extended column lifetime for higher laboratory efficiency

LiChroCART® and ManuCART®

Merck’s columns are also available in the unique and easy-to-use LiChroCART® cartridge system with its reusable ManuCART® holder. With ManuCART® attached and remained in the HPLC system, you can exchange the different length of LiChroCART® without detaching the capillary connection. Besides, the endfittings are designed to allow the cartridges to be hand-sealed at normal working pressures of 150 to 200 bar without the need for any tools.

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