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Comprehensive Selection of High-Quality Microbiology Products


Our comprehensive selection of culture agar/broth and supplements ensures the safety and quality of your end products. We subject our dehydrated culture media and supplements to rigorous quality and performance testing throughout the production process to meet your finished goods specifications.

You can manually evaluate the antibiotic susceptibility of microorganisms via Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) techniques using our reliable and easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Antimicrobial Susceptibility discs and Disc Dispenser.

Create favourable atmospheric condition for your culture using Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ atmosphere generation system in the Anaerobic Jar (Anaerojar). Use:
1. Anaerogen to generate anaerobic conditions
2. CO2 Gen to generate carbon dioxide conditions
3. CampyGen to generate microaerobic conditions

The Thermo Scientific™ RapID™ System is a user-friendly and rapid microbe identification system that provides results in as little as 4 hours. It is suitable for independent testing or as a complementary tool to automated systems for identifying anaerobes, Enterobacteriaceae, staphylococci, yeasts, Neisseria-Haemophilus, streptococci, Corynebacteria, non-fermenters, and urinary tract isolates.

You can save your valuable time and effort by using a range of high-quality, convenience formats of ready-to-use media plates. Say goodbye to time-consuming media preparation and get reliable and consistent results at every stage of your workflow.

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With Thermo Scientific™ Culti-Loops™ and Thermo Scientific™ Quanti-Cult™, you can count on trustworthy quality control methods and materials to ensure reproducible clinical test results and consistent microbiology testing for pharmaceutical and food products. Our dependable and user-friendly quality control products can assist you in completing your microbiology workflow.

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Molecular Biology

New England Biolabs stands as one of the top commercial providers of restriction enzymes, offering a comprehensive selection of more than 265 restriction enzymes. Over 210 of these enzymes are fully active in rCutSmart™ Buffer, enabling easy double digestion. Moreover, over 180 restriction enzymes are Time-Saver qualified, allowing for quick DNA digestion within 5-15 minutes or safe overnight digestion. NEB has also developed High-Fidelity® Restriction enzymes that exhibit identical cutting sites as their native counterparts, with the additional benefits of reduced star activity. Importantly, you can get this superior restriction enzyme without paying extra.

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Monarch nucleic acid purification kits provide fast and reliable purification of high-quality DNA and RNA from a variety of sources using best-in-class silica column technology and using a novel glass bead-based approach for HMW DNA extraction.

New England Biolabs offers a wide range of double-stranded DNA molecular weight markers, including conventional markers and DNA ladders ranging from 10 bp up to 48.5 kb, suitable for use in Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) extending up to > 1000 kb. They are available in different ready-to-load formats as well as standard formats without pre-mixed loading dye. All standard ladders come with a vial of purple loading dye for added convenience, and the Quick-Load Purple DNA Ladders offer improved visibility with no UV shadow.

NEB provides RNA ladders and markers with a size range of up to 9,000 bases, including the Low Range ssRNA Ladder (NEB #N0364), ssRNA Ladder (NEB #N0362), dsRNA Ladder (NEB #N0363), and microRNA Marker (NEB #N2102).

Besides DNA and RNA ladder, NEB also offers highly pure protein standards with sizes ranging from 10 to 250 kDa, suitable for accurate molecular weight determination for various expressed proteins. The protein standards are available in blue and colored prestained formats, pre-mixed with loading buffer and reducing agent for added convenience.

New England Biolabs offers a wide range of polymerases specifically designed for PCR, the most commonly used DNA amplification method in molecular biology. NEB was the first to sell Taq DNA Polymerase, discover a PCR-stable, high-fidelity DNA polymerase, and provide reagents for PCR in space. NEB’s commitment to PCR development continues with OneTaq® DNA Polymerase for routine PCR and Q5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase for ultra-high fidelity PCR. Both products are designed to tolerate complex templates without performance loss, even for high-AT or high-GC targets. NEB polymerases also benefit from aptamer-based hot start technology, eliminating the need for a separate activation step.

New England Biolabs offers various buffers to provide greater flexibility and ensure optimal enzyme activity in addition to its protein expression and purification, cloning, and RNA products. These buffers can be purchased separately or in larger quantities upon request.

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Our selection of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) / Primary standards is certified according to ISO 17034 and ISO/IEC 17025 that covers a wide range of testing needs.

  1. European Pharmacopoeia (EP)
  2. US Pharmacopeia (USP)
  3. British Pharmacopoeia (BP)
  4. Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP)

These CRMs serve purposes in clinical and forensic toxicology analysis, diagnostic testing, therapeutic drug monitoring, environmental analysis, pharmaceutical research, food & beverage testing and many more.

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Our secondary standards are produced in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guide 17034, and have multiple traceability to the primary standards of US Pharmacopeia (USP), European Pharmacopeia (EP), and British Pharmacopeia (BP).

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Merck provides wide variety of reagents and solvents. They are:

  1. EMSURE® – Solvents for analysis (ACS, ISO, Reag, Ph Eur)
  2. EMPARTA® – Solvents for analysis (ACS)
  3. EMPLURA® – Solvents for lab applications
  4. LiChrosolv® and Prepsolv® – Solvents for liquid chromatography
  5. SupraSolv® and UniSolv® – Solvents for gas chromatography
  6. MagniSolv® – Solvents for NMR Spectroscopy
  7. Uvasol® – Solvents for spectroscopy
  8. SeccoSolv® – Dried solvents
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Cell Culture

In LabMal, we offer a diverse selection of culture media and supplements that are specifically designed to enhance and facilitate the growth of your cell cultures. Our range includes various types of cell culture media such as DMEM, RPMI, serum and specialized media for primary and stem cells. With our products, you can be confident in achieving optimal cell growth and maintenance, ultimately leading to successful experimental outcomes.

Our range of advanced cell separation technologies, including Lymphoprep, SepMate™, EasySep™, and RoboSep™, make the process of isolating cells easier and more efficient.

Lymphoprep is a density gradient medium that isolates PBMCs from whole blood by exploiting differences in cell densities. SepMate™ is an innovative PBMC separation tube that streamlines the PBMC isolation process with its built-in insert. By combining both Lymphoprep and SepMate™, you can achieve a consistent and hassle-free PBMC isolation procedure in just 15 minutes.

EasySep™ is an immunomagnetic cell separation system that provides rapid and reliable results with high purity. RoboSep™ is a fully automated cell separator that offers advanced features such as high throughput and superior accuracy, making the cell isolation process more efficient and accurate.

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We provide an extensive range of primary cells, including both healthy and diseased samples, that can be traced back to the original donor. Our primary cells come with detailed demographic information, such as gender, age, and smoking history, enabling researchers to obtain more accurate and specific results. Explore our collection of primary cells today and take a step closer to uncovering groundbreaking discoveries.

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We offer a wide range of tools and resources for stem cell research. Our products include a variety of stem cells, including induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), mesenchymal stem cells, neural stem cells and etc. These stem cells can be used in various applications, from basic research to disease modelling and drug discovery. Explore our range of stem cell products today and discover how we can help support your research.

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Laboratory Equipment

Our pipettes are engineered to provide effortless and secure pipetting, ensuring precise and dependable outcomes with every use. The single-channel pipettes have a broad volume range of 0.1 µL to 10,000 µL, while the multichannel pipettes are available for volumes between 0.5 µL and 300 µL.

The abCycler™ is a thermal cycler designed to perform Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and amplify nucleic acid with accuracy and dependability. It is equipped with precise temperature controls and rapid temperature ramping, making it a valuable tool in various scientific disciplines such as molecular biology, genetic analysis, medical research, and forensic science. The system operates as a standalone unit with built-in software, which saves both space and energy.

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The abCyclerQ is a powerful tool used to perform rapid and precise real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The six-channel real-time PCR instrument combines advanced optical technology and precise temperature control to deliver reliable detection for both single and multiplexed real-time PCR assays. The abCyclerQ™ can be used in both research and clinical laboratories for the detection of infectious pathogens genetic diseases and genetic marker.

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The abGenix™ is an automated system designed for mid-throughput nucleic acid extraction. It has the capacity to handle 1-32 samples per run, providing the necessary flexibility to meet various sample processing needs.

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The multiSUB™ series of Horizontal Gel Units is a highly versatile solution for conducting agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA and RNA. These units are designed for regular horizontal gel electrophoresis and offer exceptional flexibility to researchers and laboratory technicians.

The multiSUB™ series comprises various models, including the MSMINI, MSMIDI, MSCHOICE, MSMAXI, and MSSCREEN, each with a unique sample capacity that can accommodate various electrophoresis workloads. For instance, the MSMINI model is suitable for processing small numbers of samples, while the MSMIDI and MSMAXI models can handle a larger number of samples. The MSCHOICE model is adjustable to accept different gel sizes, and the MSSCREEN is designed for high-throughput screening.

Overall, the multiSUB™ series of Horizontal Gel Units provides an adaptable solution that caters to the specific requirements of different laboratory applications, enabling researchers to conduct electrophoresis work with greater efficiency and accuracy.

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The omniPAGE Vertical Protein Electrophoresis System is a gel electrophoresis system that is designed for the separation and analysis of proteins based on their size and charge. It is produced by Cleaver Scientific and comes in three models: MINI, MINI WIDE, and Vs20WaVe maXi.

The system is designed to be versatile and flexible, with different gel sizes, thicknesses, and sample capacities available for each model. The MINI and MINI WIDE models are compact and ideal for small-scale experiments, while the Vs20WaVe maXi model is designed for higher sample capacities. The system includes safety features such as a safety lid and buffer overflow protection, ensuring that experiments are conducted safely and reliably. The omniPAGE Vertical Protein Electrophoresis System provides researchers with high accuracy and resolution in protein separation and analysis, making it a valuable tool in various fields of research, including biochemistry, proteomics, and molecular biology.

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CASY from Omnilife Science is a sophisticated cell counter and analyzer used in cell biology research. It provides a highly accurate and reliable cell count, as well as detailed information about the size and viability of individual cells. CASY works by using a specialized impedance-based technique that counts and sizes cells based on their electrical properties as they pass through a tiny aperture. This technology provides a more accurate count and size analysis than traditional methods like manual counting or flow cytometry.

CASY is a valuable tool in various fields of research, including cell culture, drug discovery, and cancer research. It is designed to be easy to use, with intuitive software that allows researchers to customize their experiments and analyze data quickly and accurately. CASY also includes features such as automated sample handling, allowing for high-throughput analysis of large sample volumes. Overall, CASY from Omnilife Science is a powerful and reliable tool for cell analysis and is widely used in cell biology research.

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The Nucleofector® Technology is a powerful and efficient method for transferring nucleic acids into eukaryotic cells. The technology utilizes a specific combination of optimized electrical parameters and cell type-specific solutions to enable efficient transfection of various cell types.

The process involves the use of a nucleofector device, which generates electrical pulses to create tiny pores in the cell membrane, allowing for the delivery of nucleic acids such as DNA or RNA into the cell. The technology is optimized for different cell types and applications, with specific protocols and solutions available for a wide range of cell types, including primary cells and hard-to-transfect cells.

The Nucleofector® Technology offers several advantages over traditional transfection methods, including high efficiency, low toxicity, and the ability to transfect non-dividing cells. It is widely used in various fields of research, including gene therapy, protein production, and drug discovery. The technology has revolutionized the field of transfection and is a valuable tool for scientists seeking to efficiently deliver nucleic acids into cells.

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