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CytoSMART™ 2 System




The CytoSMART™ 2 System is designed for bright-field live cell imaging for applications, such as general cell culture monitoring, documentation and scratch/migration assays, which require a larger field of view. The field of view is 2.4 x 1.4 mm and the magnification is similar to that typically achieved with a 10X objective using a conventional microscope.

The device features an improved optical system and more powerful camera unit, advancing the image resolution. Images can be digitally enlarged two-fold, displaying more cellular details.Image capture and recording time-lapse videos of cell cultures are easily performed with the intuitive CytoSMART™ App. Monitoring of cell cultures outside of the lab can be done anytime and anywhere, via smart phone, tablet or computer with the integrated cloud functionality. Data transfer to the cloud via Wifi or LAN transmission, as well as offline operation, allow flexible data recording and storage for different network environments.

The CytoSMART™ 2 System is operated via a CytoSMART™ Tablet. The tablet can be controlled by either the on-screen keyboard or the keyboard base attached to it. It supports operating the CytoSMART™ 2 System in an environment where wearing gloves is mandatory.

The CytoSMART™ 2 System offers an extra cell counting feature that determines the number of cells in suspension in a standard hemocytometer.

CytoSMART™ 2 System Brochure

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