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FlashGel™ DNA System



5 minute DNA analysis

The FlashGel™ System is the fastest way to separate DNA and the only way to watch DNA migration as it happens. This revolutionary new tool separates DNA in 2 – 7 minutes. Monitor gel runs right at the bench, without UV light. The highly sensitive system allows a 5-20X reduction in DNA levels – saving both time and money.

  • Get results in 5 minutes or less.
  • Watch DNA migrate at your bench, in real-time without UV light.
  • Enjoy outstanding resolution and exquisite sensitivity.

The FlashGel™ System consists of enclosed, disposable, precast agarose gel cassettes and a combination electrophoresis and transilluminator unit.

  • FlashGel™ Cassettes contain precast, prestained agarose gels and buffer – no need for gel preparation, buffer addition or gel staining.
  • The FlashGel™ Dock is an electrophoresis apparatus with a built-in transilluminator that provides both separation and detection.

FlashGel™ DNA SystemBrochure

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