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Lambda DNA – 250 ug


New England Biolabs

  • Commonly used DNA substrate
  • Duplex DNA is isolated from bacteriophage lambda (cI857ind 1 Sam 7). Lambda DNA is 48,502 base pairs in length

pBR322 Vector


New England Biolabs

  • pBR322 DNA is a commonly used plasmid cloning vector in E. coli (1).
  • The molecule is a double-stranded circle 4,361* base pairs in length (2).
  • pBR322 contains the genes for resistance to ampicillin and tetracycline, and can be amplified with chloramphenicol.
  • The molecular weight is 2.83 x 106 daltons.

*Sequencing data from Watson (confirmed at New England Biolabs, Inc.) has shown pBR322 to be 4,361 base pairs, not 4,363 base pairs as previously reported.

pUC19 Vector


New England Biolabs

  • pUC19 is a commonly used cloning vector that conveys Tet and Amp resistance.
  • The molecule is a small double-stranded circle, 2686 base pairs in length, and has a high copy number.
  • pUC19 carries a 54 base-pair multiple cloning site polylinker that contains unique sites for 13 different hexanucleotide-specific restriction endonucleases.
  • NEB offers a selection of common cloning plasmids and DNAs for use as substrates.