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FlatSpin Magnetic Stirrer



This product is not available at the moment. Please contact us for more information.

This ultra-flat magnetic stirrer is easily portable and saves precious space, making it an excellent addition to any laboratory.

• Ultra-flat, space-saving design
• Stirring speed range: 15 – 1500 rpm
• Automatic rotation-reversing stirring for better mixing results
• Constructed of chemically resistant materials
• Slip-resistant and stable

FlatSpin Magnetic Stirrer Brochure

Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer



This item is not available at the moment. Please contact us for more information.

This combined magnetic stirrer and hotplate provides simultaneous stirring of up to 1500 rpm and heating of up to 280°C, making it ideal for the needs of most analytical and biological laboratories.

• Digital control system
• Easy-to-read LED display
• Stirring speed range: 100-1500 rpm
• Temperature range: room temp. – 280°C
• Quick heating times
• ABS casing is fire-retardant and resistant to weak acids and bases
• Ceramic-coated stainless steel hotplate is chemically resistant and scratch-proof
• Safety feature: HOT caution indicator is displayed at 50°C and above
• Safety feature: heating automatically stops if hotplate temperature exceeds 320°C

Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer Brochure

Please click here for temperature sensor and support clamp for magnetic stirrer.